GrindStone Collection Strategies, Inc. believes their clients should never settle for less.

  • Expect hard work ethics combined with a strategic approach.
  • Expect thorough communication & transparency.
  • Expect custom tailored solutions to fit your needs.
  • Expect professional yet firm representation.

GrindStone assists businesses in any credit and collection capacity, from credit reports and risk management, to streamlined credit policy implementation, to professional B2B debt collections.


Free Collections

  • Free customized final demand letters
  • Available to all clients
  • Saves time and money
  • 70% response rate
  • Draws a line in the sand with your customer
  • Ask us about our GrindStone Collection stickers too!

Weekly Remits

If you are tired of waiting 45-60 days for your agency or attorney to remit collected funds to you, you’ve come to the right place. GrindStone remits weekly to all clients on any checks that have cleared our trust account.

Free Collection Tools, Tips & Resources

We are here to make your job easier. Need a new credit app template? We got you covered! Need a personal guaranty clause? We got you covered! Need a free background check? We got you covered on that, and much more. Just ask!

Transparency & Communications

  • Online access available immediately after first placement
  • Print your own status reports
  • Always know what’s going on
  • Full transparency
  • Status reports and update calls on your schedule when you need them

Credit Bureau Reporting & Legal

  • Non paying customers/debtors reported to the Credit Bureau
  • Moves you up on the priority list
  • Ability to pick and choose which debtors to report
  • Full legal forwarding services
  • Nationwide network of over 250 attorneys
  • Our attorneys work on contingency too!

A Tailored Approach

  • Diplomatic or Aggressive? Your choice.
  • We can adjust as needed throughout the process
  • Local, nationwide or global presence available
  • A team leader will discuss with you your specific needs
  • We create custom collection guidelines specifically for you
  • Get represented just the way you want

GrindStone Agency Partnership Program

GAPP is designed for clients who need help a little earlier in the process.You can save significantly on collection costs, reduce DSO, speed up cashflow. For a flat fee, starting at 45 days, we can send out a series of escalating reminder letters and customer service calls to your customers. Contact us for more details.

What is your rate?

GrindStone is very competitive with rates. We will consult with you and come to an agreement on a contingency rate schedule that benefits both parties. In many cases we are able to get the debtor to pay our fees. Remember, we only get paid if we can collect.


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Grindstone Collection Strategies Inc. BBB Business Review

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