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GrindStone Collection Strategies, Inc.

B2B Collection Agency Portland OR, Nationwide, Canada and Abroad.

How do we maximize your recoveries?

By combining the deep expertise of our knowledgeable professionals with sophisticated services and cutting-edge technologies. We’re fully compliant, licensed and bonded in all 50 states and Canada.

Collecting debt from commercial entities requires significant expertise, time, and effort. For most companies, partnering with a commercial debt collection agency like GrindStone Collection Strategies, Inc. yields higher and faster returns from their delinquent debtors.

As an Altus affiliate, GrindStone is a B2B with the resources and skills it takes to handle any complex case, and service businesses of all sizes. Here is how you will benefit from our partnership:

  • Experience: Over 300 team members and collectors with over 12 years experience on average.
  • Variety of services: We now offer first-party collections, third-party collections, international collections, legal services and more.
  • Industry expertise: Our experts support clients in numerous industries by learning the fine details and regulations that apply.
  • Technology: Altus uses ARM STRONG™, a proprietary industry-leading end-to-end collections platform that provides our clients 24/7 access to detailed claim information with 100% transparency to all collector activities, payments, and call recordings.

ALTUS is certified by the Industry’s most respected Associations.

Few Agencies can make this claim!

We Also Provide

Business Credit Reports

No annual contracts, no minimums. Pay only for what you need. Our reports include data from Experian, D&B and Ansonia Credit Data

Legal Forwarding

If traditional collections has been exhausted, we can assign your claim to a local attorney (where your customer is located) who specializes in judgment collection


Our customer friendly Pre-Collection Program is designed

  1. Preserve Customer Relationships
  2. Lower Collection Costs
  3. Increase in-house productivity

Expect To Get Paid

Unlock the potential of your receivables with GrindStone Collection Strategies, Inc. , your trusted Commercial Collection Agency in Portland, OR, nationwide and worldwide. Our seasoned professionals, coupled with state-of-the-art technologies, are dedicated to maximizing your recoveries efficiently and ethically.

Why Choose GrindStone Collection Strategies, Inc. for Your Commercial Debt Collection Needs?

Recovering debts from commercial entities demands a specialized approach. GrindStone Collection Strategies, Inc., a fully compliant, licensed, and bonded agency operating across all 50 states and Canada, is your partner for achieving higher and faster returns from delinquent debtors.

GrindStone Collection Strategies, Inc. believes their clients should never settle for less.  You can expect:

  • A dedicated team with hard work ethics combined with a strategic mindset.
  • Thorough communication & transparency throughout the collection process
  • Custom-tailored solutions to fit your needs.
  • A professional but firm approach when demanding timely payments from your customers.

GrindStone assists businesses in any credit and collection capacity, from credit reports, credit apps, professional debt collection and AR Management. 

Our Services


    Our collection experts utilize the most cutting-edge technology to offer personalized services for every company we work with, letting you collect the dues you’re owed with ease and serve as a communication channel for your most demanding clients.


    GrindStone Collection Strategies, Inc. is a third-party commercial debt collection agency with the resources to secure the highest possible recovery rate for every client. As the largest commercial debt collections company in North America, we’re uniquely capable of activating dedicated teams and innovative technology to realize the return you deserve.


    GrindStone Collection Strategies, Inc. Altus Receivables Management is a third-party commercial debt collection agency with the resources to secure the highest possible recovery rate for every client. As the largest commercial debt collections company in North America, we’re uniquely capable of activating dedicated teams and innovative technology to realize the return you deserve.


    Smart business decisions begin with smart business reporting. GrindStone Collection Strategies, Inc Business Credit Reports deliver invaluable data and analytics you can use to make smart credit decisions that increase opportunity and mitigate risk. By providing high-level insights about your potential customer’s credit history, Altus reporting can help you decide whether to do business with them.


    When it comes to mergers and acquisitions, businesses that come out on top do their research to uncover potential risks or liabilities. GrindStone Collection Strategies, Inc. is here to help your business assess and mitigate risk during a merger or acquisition. We provide in-depth background reports on the subject’s criminal, litigation, regulatory, and employment histories.


    With most collection agencies, legal escalation is delayed after collection efforts have been exhausted, and the debt has continued to age, often by another 60 to 90 days.  The debtor may assume that the client is not serious, which generally results in lower recoveries and lower client net back.


    Through a longstanding partnership with Coface, GrindStone Collection Strategies, Inc. can collect in-country wherever your debtor is located. This advantage drives higher performance on international debt placements. Our in-country resources, combined with our U.S.-based International Team, ensures the best service level on your international placements.


    Our International Claims Team of Attorneys, Collectors, and Investigation Experts are specifically focused on all areas below to assist in the resolution and collection of credit insurance cases.

Who We Are

Joshua P Monda

Joshua P Monda


Servicing Clients with needs in AR Management and Collections since 2001, Josh Monda founded GrindStone in 2009 so he could provide his clients with the best quality of service so they would not have to stress over their Accounts Receivable again.

In his spare time, Josh coaches his two son’s baseball teams, competes in endurance sports and serves on the board of directors for two Portland Area non-profits.

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All in Real Time. 

  • Get Real-Time Placement Updates
  • View Collection Notes & Call Recordings.
  • Access Detailed Reporting
  • iView Invoicing & Trust Statements
  • Communicate Directly with the ALTUS Team.


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Strategic Partnerships

ALTUS Receivables Management

GrindStone is partnered with one of the largest AR Management & Collection Firms in the World. Our status as an Altus Affiliate Agency allows us to provide our clients with the the highest levels of compliance, accounting and technology. With Altus, our clients can benefit from the resources and protection of a large agency. With GrindStone, our clients get the attention, focus and work ethic of a niche agency.

Global Receivables Insurance Solutions

GrindStone is partnered with GRI to provide our  clients coverage to protect the Accounts Receivable.  GRI is a premier brokerage firm that specializes in risk mitigation tools, trade credit insurance and receivables financing.


BKwire was created to provide business-to-business professionals with a comprehensive and easy to use window into corporate bankruptcy data. BKwire aggregates US Federal Court bankruptcy filings into an intuitive, searchable interface that is customized by interest areas, geographical location, and specific companies of interest.

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